Classic Clumping Litter

With TRIPLE ACTION - An affordable premium litter that delivers quality with no compromises!

  • Prevents unpleasant odours thanks to its unique formula and tiny blue granules
  • Extra-hard clumping makes it easy to scoop
  • Produces very little dust, which is better for you and your cat’s respiratory systems
  • Leaves no tracking, so your home will stay clean
  • Made with 100% pure, natural clay, recognized worldwide for its high quality
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  Unscented  Baby Powder Scent Lavander Scent Northern Forest Scent
Formats 7 and 14 kg 7 and 14 kg 14 kg 14 kg

Clumping Clumping
Odour control Odour control
Dust-free Dust-free

Classic Clumping Litter is made of pure natural clay. Thanks to its innovative, exclusive and patented Triple Action system, it prevents bad smells for maximum efficiency. Its extra-hard clumping makes litter box cleaning easy and reduce the waste produced. It leaves almost no dust, does not harm the respiratory system of cats and humans and does not leave tracking in the house. Available in three refreshing scents or also unscented.