Tips & tricks

In collaboration with Cat Educator, Intersand®’s cat experts would like to offer a few tips and tricks for new “parents” of cats, cat lovers and anyone who’s considering a feline addition to the family.

What’s the proper way to clean the litter box?

First, it depends on the type of litter (clumping, non clumping); read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully. Whether you have to clean every week or every month, a thorough cleanup is a must!

Litter boxes are made of plastic. Strong odours tend to appear when urine gets in contact with plastic (bottom or sides of the box). To prevent that, first follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to the quantity of litter to pour and keep in the box. A regular clean up with water and a mild soap is also highly recommended. You can use a little bit of bleach; too much however could irritate your cat’s nose and eyes.

If you or your cat are very sensitive to odours, if you have more than two cats, senior cats or non-castrated males, the Odour Neutralizing blend (City or Extreme Classic) will guarantee satisfaction.

*When used according to manufacturer’s instructions.