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Drastic changes in litter type

Unlike some humans who love change and try the latest product that appears on the market, cats generally like their routine and prefer consistency in their environment. So, for any change you want to make in your cat's environment, whether it's food, getting a new pet into the house or changing the type or brand of litter, it is strongly suggested to go gradually.

Alternatives to clay litter

With the arrival of new litter types on the market, a lot of cat owners want to try these alternatives. As mentioned above, many cats hate too-drastic changes, especially with regard to their litter. A change in litter means adapting to the texture, smell, sensation under his paws, etc. Cats will prefer the litter they had when they were young and "soft" substrates like fine grains. If you have to change the litter type, introduce an extra bin to those already available in the house with this new substrate and let your cat show you if he likes it. Changing too quickly could cause changes in your cat's behavior, sometimes leading to inappropriate elimination, such as using the welcome mat, sofas, etc.

Litter changes for medical reasons

If you absolutely have to make a change, such as for medical reasons, go with a 14-day transition where you add a little more of the new type of litter each day while removing the old one with daily cleanings.