OdourLock — Multi-cat clumping litter


Calming Breeze

Baby powder

Lavender field

Ultra premium multi-cat litter formula

This clumping litter is made of all-natural clay. Thanks to its patented technology, OdourLock neutralizes ammonia formation for optimal control of urine and feces odours for 40 days or more.

Extra-Hard Clumping

OdourLock – Extra hard clumping litter

Block ammonia

OdourLock neutralizes ammonia formation


OdourLock – Dust-free cat litter
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Ecolife — Biodegradable clumping litter

Earth-friendly clumping litter

Our environmentally friendly cat litter is made from a special blend of 100% natural and biodegradable corn. It is an alternative to clay litter and offers the same quality and efficiency. Thanks to its unique formula and absorbency, it generates less waste than conventional litter.

Superior Odour Control

Ecolife – Natural clumping litter with superior odour control

50% lighter

Ecolife – Lighter natural litter

Good for the planet

Ecolife – Good for the planet litter
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Classic —Premium clumping litter



Baby powder

Northern Forest

Premium clumping litter

Made of highly efficient pure clay, Classic litter quickly forms solid clumps, meaning less frequent fills and fewer trips to the store, as well as a smaller environmental footprint.

Triple Action Formula

Classic – Cat litter Triple Action Formula

Light scent

Classic – Cat litter with light scent


OdourLock – Dust-free cat litter
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Simple - Value Clumping Litter


Value clumping litter Simple

Our Simple Litter offers a natural clay-based formula that controls odours. This product offers you excellent value for money. Simple is easy to clean, dust-free and highly absorbent. 

Good Value

Simple – Good value cat litter


Simple – Unscented cat litter

Easy to clean

Simple – Easy to clean clumping litter
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