Ecolife — Biodegradable clumping litter

Superior Odour Control

Ecolife – Natural clumping litter with superior odour control

50% lighter

Ecolife – Lighter natural litter

Good for the planet

Ecolife – Good for the planet litter

Ultra premium earth-friendly clumping litter

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Our Ultra Premium biodegradable* litter contributes in a sustainable and responsible way to the environment of our planet:

  • Made from a special blend of corn and wheat
  • Superior control of unpleasant odours
  • Comparable effectiveness to clay litter
  • Lightweight and easy to handle 
  • Tested by veterinarians
  • Made in Canada 
  • USDA certified 100% biobased product
* * It is not recommended to compost your cat's feces, mainly because of the harmful microbes that could develop there. Ask your city what regulations there are regarding the disposal of animal excrement in compost.
Ecolife – 100% natural litter made of wheat and corn
Ecolife – Litière 100% naturelle faite de maïs et blé

Eliminates odours naturally

This totally natural concentrate combines all our know-how to find an ecological and responsible solution to a problem, one which also happens to be totally natural. By combining the natural properties of corn and wheat with our exclusive processing method, we obtain a high-performance litter comparable to clay-based litters. Our unique chemical-free formula effectively controls unpleasant odours. This unscented litter offers you and your cats a natural and healthy environment.

Lightweight and effective

Lightweight and effective

Thanks to the remarkable absorption capacity of plant fibres, our Ecolife litter is able to soak up more than 4 times its weight in liquid. It forms solid clumps that facilitate cleaning and reduce the amount of waste produced. No small feat for a lightweight. It weighs 50% less than clay-based litter without compromising how well it does its job. Its absorption capacity is easily equal to that of the best litters, and it offers superior odour control. As with all our high-end litters, Ecolife receives a dust-free treatment that ensures a clean and healthy environment for the whole family. To offer you the best litter, we pay close attention to the quality of our product, which we test at each stage of its production, from when the ingredients are delivered to when we put it in its packaging. Together, all these elements make Ecolife an eco-responsible, high-performance, economical, and easy-to-handle litter.

Ecolife – Ultra light eco-responsible litter
Ecolife – Litière écologique ultra légère
Ecolife - Certified 100% biobased ingredients
Ecolife — Certifié bioproduit à 100%

A responsible choice for cats and the planet

Like you, we care about our planet and our environmental footprint. That's why we've developed a litter that respects your cat's needs while also respecting your commitments to the planet. Ecolife is an eco-responsible litter made from 100% natural biodegradable ingredients. Do you recycle? Well, so do we! We do this by using corn and wheat not intended for human consumption to make our plant-based litter. These raw materials are grown locally, near our processing plant. The bags are also made close by in Quebec, and the bagging is done in our own plant. This minimizes transportation and reduces environmental impacts. Ecolife has received USDA certification confirming that it is formulated with 100% biobased ingredients.