Blue Cat Non-Clumping Litter for Kittens and Long-Haired Cats

A quality litter at an economical price!

  • Ideal for kittens 8 months old or younger, long-haired cats and cats who have had an operation
  • Excellent absorbency rate keeps litter box clean longer
  • Good odour control
  • Easy to maintain every day
  • Made with montmorillonite, a non-clumping 100% pure, natural clay
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Format 12 kg

Non-clumping Non-clumping
Odour control Odour control
Kittens and long-haired cats Kittens and long-haired cats

To have a quality litter for your kitten or long-haired cat at an economical price! It’s also recommended for cats who have recently had an operation.