Tips & tricks

In collaboration with Cat Educator, Intersand®’s cat experts would like to offer a few tips and tricks for new “parents” of cats, cat lovers and anyone who’s considering a feline addition to the family.

How can I choose the right litter box?

Specialised stores and pet stores offer a wide range of litter boxes. You then have to consider both size and quality; a box big enough for your cat to turn and feel comfortable in might prevent spills around it. There are many models to please any customer!

Some litter boxes have tops or domes, but maybe your cat won’t appreciate feeling “trapped” inside, while others will like the privacy of it. You might also consider a box with higher sides if your cat tends to urinate on the sides or paw the litter. Many cats? If possible, keep more than one litter box.

Ultimately, with so many different models and sizes on the market, the choice remains a personal one.